Something Sweet With Your Winter Tour? Try a Krembo!

Being a Tour Guide also includes Sweet Treats A tour in Israel in the winter, sometimes you just feel like a sweet treat. Summertime in Israel is filled with ice cream and cold watermelon. But, how do you indulge your sweet tooth during the winter? Try a Krembo! A Krembo is a decadent, sweet, sticky delight that’s only available in Israel during the winter. It’s a wonderful concoction of fluffy marshmallow cream, a round of tea biscuit, and a chocolate coating [...]

Outdoor Tour: In Search of Early Bloomers

Being a Tour Guide Amongst the Flowers In a few weeks the wildflower season in Israel will begin in earnest and what a time to be working as a Tour Guide. Forests, fields and parks will explode with a beautiful array of colors and shapes. But what if you just can’t wait? Now is the time when the eager hiker can find early blooming wildflowers. These hidden treasures are worth the effort. These lovely bursts of color and delicate form [...]

Beating the Post-Holiday Blues… With the Blues!

Beating the Post Holiday Blues… With the Blues! It’s been a wonderful season of holidays here in Israel. We’ve experienced the grandeur of Rosh HaShana, the introspection of Yom Kippur, the festivals, tours and hikes of Succot and the pure joy of Simchat Torah. Chanukah’s not until December. It’s hard not to feel a little let down. The best way to beat those blues, might be a dose of the Blues. The Tel Aviv Blues Festival will run from November [...]

Post Tour Refreshment: Israeli Craft Beer

After a long day of touring, nothing tastes quite as good as a nice cold beer. Gone are the days when your only choices were two local mass-market beers. The Israeli craft beer scene has truly come alive in the last several years. During the summer and fall, beer festivals large and small take place throughout the country. Local craft beers are increasingly available in restaurants and pubs. In addition, some brewers like Jem’s in Petach Tikva and Dancing [...]

Succot Market (Shuk Arbat HaMinim)

Here in Israel, once Yom Kippur ends, thoughts turn to Succot. There’s no better way to get ready for the holiday than to visit one of the Succot markets that spring up like mushrooms all over the country. Enjoy the festive atmosphere while you browse through stand after stand of etrogs, succahs and decorations. Try your hand at bargaining… The asking price is never the final price. Kids with balloons run in between men carrying huge bundles of palm [...]