Israel with Love: Touring with a Big Heart

You know how good you feel after you’ve helped someone who really needs your help? Well, imagine feeling that good while on vacation!  Social touring in Israel is as old as the country itself, and today, Israel has over 45,000 registered non-profit organizations waiting for your assistance!  There are projects dedicated to help people across the social spectrum.  If you want to spend an hour, an afternoon or a day dedicated to improving the lives of others, Israel with [...]

Winter Tours in Israel… So Much to Do!

Late December; schools are closed, and office work comes to a halt.  It’s a great time to tour in Israel!  The weather is unpredictable, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a phenomenal Israeli experience.  So, how do you travel throughout Israel in the winter when the clouds roll in and the mercury drops?  Israel with Love has a few great ideas! Jerusalem is a city where one civilization built on top of another. That’s good news for winter [...]

Customized Touring: Anything is Possible

Israel; the birthplace of the three great monotheistic religions.  Everyone wants to see where King David conquered Jerusalem, where Jesus walked on water, and where Muhammad ascended to heaven on his famous night journey.  Well, not quite everyone. Israel with Love recently received a request to design a trip to Israel with no religious content and with balanced political perspectives. Impossible?  Not at all!  Israel with Love stepped up and created a creative, customized itinerary that that accommodates the [...]

Tour Guiding in Israel; It’s for the Birds

Touring in Israel in November is a great time of year.  Hotels are not expensive, sites are not so crowded, and the temperatures are in the 60s and 70s!  Sound perfect?  Well, you’re right.  It is, especially if you’re a bird or a bird-lover. Did you know that Israel sees 500,000,000 birds passing through every spring and fall?  We rest on the migratory path between Europe and Africa, and twice a year, we are treated to one of the best [...]

Tour Guiding Article: ESRA Magazine

My Tour Guiding I was flattered when ESRA Magazine asked me to write an article in honor of Israel's 70th anniversary about my profession as a tour guide. My new article is a guide to some of my favorite places in Israel, including food, culture, history, hikes and hotels. Whether you're coming for your first visit or your tenth, you'll find some new, exciting ideas here. You can read the full article here. Feel free to contact me. I'd love to [...]

Beautiful Views… Always Accessible

Israel is a land of tremendous natural beauty. Every part of the country… each of the seasons, offers its own particular choice of breathtaking vistas and beautiful paths to explore. I love lacing up my boots and hitting the trails. Whether it’s desert or forest, mountain or plain, I’m rarely disappointed. There’s always something new to discover. But, what if you have a child in a stroller, or are in a wheelchair? There’s no need to miss out. Israel [...]

City Tour: The Writing’s On the Wall

A trip to Israel is always full of surprises. When traveling to Israel you might imagine holy sites, ancient ruins and desert landscapes. When thinking of colorful sites perhaps you’d envision the spices and fruit of the shuk, hiking through a field of wildflowers, or maybe creative dishes at a cutting edge restaurant, but not street art. Well here’s a surprise… I had the good fortune to join Guy Sharett, veteran podcaster and street art aficionado, on one of his [...]

Being a Guide During the Holidays

Tour Guide During the Holidays “Oh! Tu B’Shvat!” I heard over and over as I visited booths at the CyberTech conference in Tel Aviv last week with my bags of goodies. Since the conference fell on Tu B’Shvat (Holiday of the Trees), I brought bags of homemade granola featuring fruits from Israel, my own twist on tradition. Israel seems to be sprouting more tech startups than orange trees these days, so I took the opportunity to meet with some of [...]

Being a Tour Guide in the Winter: Hiking Between the Raindrops

Onnie: Your Winter Tour Guide Travelers often associate Israel with hot weather and desert landscapes of brown and yellow. However, that’s only half the story. Winter in Israel features mild temperatures and landscapes that explode with greenery and colorful flowers; for hikers it’s the perfect time to lace up your boots and hit the trail. Vistas you may have seen before will seem new as you see them covered in green, or shimmering with rain. It’s also a great time [...]

Touring the Golan: Druze Hospitality in the Golan.

Touring the Golan Last week I treated my clients to a memorable culinary, cultural, historical and emotional experience. Winding through the narrow twisting streets of the Druze village of Majd el Shams in the Golan Heights, we arrived at the home of Fausia. She greeted us with a warm smile and brought us inside. Her home was filled with the delicious aromas of traditional delicacies. She invited us to sit down, and treated my eager clients to a sumptuous lunch [...]