Water Fun

Sorry Weather Girls, it’s not raining men. But still, it rained a lot in Israel this year; more than it has in decades. The Kineret (Sea of Galilee) is overflowing with water as are the streams in the Carmel, the Galilee and the Golan. And, closer to home, the Yarkon Springs and natural pools in the Judean hills are begging children to enjoy their chilly waters. With summer fast approaching, family fun fording streams and skipping rocks is practically guaranteed. Syrian Oaks and Plane Trees offer shade along the way. And while restrictions kept national parks closed for much of spring, most have reopened.
Israel with Love is offering a few tips for enjoying the result of this year’s unprecedented rainfall.
1. You MUST make a reservation at national parks before you arrive. It’s so easy! Just go to https://www.parks.org.il/en/ , chose your park and reserve a time slot. The time allotments are generous. You’ll have plenty of time to spread out a blanket under a tree and enjoy the sounds of birds chirping and children splashing. The national parks have arranged this system to maintain social distancing.
2. Your reservation will be sent to you via SMS or e-mail. Just show the attendant your confirmation when you arrive.
3. You MUST wear a mask to gain park admittance
4. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat!
5. For high traffic areas such as bathrooms, consider packing some anti-bacterial wipes for bathroom stall handles
6. Bring plenty of water to drink along the way/
7. HAVE FUN!!!!
8. If you want to explore natural pools in places like Shvil HaMayanot in the Jerusalem Hills. Choose a pool that doesn’t already have plenty of people. Don’t worry, there are plenty to chose from
With just a little bit of extra planning, you and your friends can enjoy time exploring the land.
Below is a list of some of our favorite water hikes.
1. Nachal Snir near Kiryat Shmona (rocky so wear water shoes)
2. Yarkon Springs/Tel Afek (little streams that are perfect for young families. Also, an old fortress to explore and plenty of picnic tables
3. Ancient Shilo – while the park itself doesn’t have streams, there are ones nearby. Also, there are plenty of picnic tables under pine trees, so there’s plenty of shade.
4. Shvil HaMayanot near Even Sapir.
5. Nachal HaShofet near Yokneam
So, grab your water bottle and go!
Israel with Love hopes that all of you enjoy a healthy, fun and active summer!

Water Fun in Tel Afek (Antipatris)
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