Tours with Inspiration from Unexpected Places

Just south of Haifa is a small community named Kerem Maharal. Inside this scenic community the Siman Tov family has created a unique nursery named Seeds from Zion. 

But this nursery doesn’t just grow and sell plants; they rescue them! The Siman Tov family understands that if a country is to grow, infrastructure is key.  New roads and rail lines are required for the ingathering of exiles in the 21st century.  But with progress comes potential harm.  What happens to all the beautiful flowers and plants that lie in the way of future pavement and tracks?  Are they destroyed? Will our land become one of steel and asphalt instead one of milk and honey?  That might have been the fate if it hadn’t been for the Siman Tovs.  They coordinate with the Ministry of Transportation and rescue the plants and flowers, nurture them during construction, and then return them once the work projects are finished.

You can enjoy seeing the rescued plants in their protected nursery and learn about the medicinal properties of many of the plants under their care.  They even have goats and parrots to amuse younger children and their paths are created to be wheelchair accessible so that everyone can appreciate their beautification projects.  While the nursery is open year-round, visit in fall, winter or spring when the fields are ablaze with color.

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