Touring in Israel Over the Sukkot Holiday – Feed the Birds

In just over a week, we will leave the creature comforts of our homes and dwell in temporary structures known as sukkot. While the holiday is a great opportunity to test new recipes and catch up with friends and family as the moonlight trickles through the palm fronds that serve as a makeshift ceiling, it’s also a great time to explore Israel from north to south and east to west. Starting today, Israel with Love, will offer family-friendly suggestions for activities across Israel.

Today’s suggestion is simple, but a lot of fun. For those of you who don’t know, Israel is on the migratory path between Europe and Africa for 500,00,000 birds. Every fall , cormorants, flamingos, pelicans, seagulls and their pals fly over the Golan, the Upper Galilee, the Center, and down into the Negev on their way to the warm winters of Africa. They have their favorite resting tops along the way. The Hula Valley in Israel’s northern panhandle is probably the most famous stop, but did you know there is one in the center of the country? The Vickar Observation Deck on the edge of Emek Hefer is not far from Hadera and allows an easy view of hundreds of regal pelicans stopping for a drink from the Mishmar HaSharon Reservoir. It’s a great place to photograph the birds or just watch them splash their feathers. Young children love this spot. And it’s free. Just note that the end of the drive is on a dirt road so take it slow. Put “Vickar Lookout” in WAZE and you’r ready to go!

Combine the visit with lunch in one of the three sukkot that will be built at the Haroeh BaCafe in the bucolic moshav of nearby Kfar HaRoeh and you’ll have a wonderful drive. Call 053-944-3952 for a reservation

Leave early in the morning to avoid holiday traffic.

Please check out my blog over the next week for more fun holiday ideas.

Happy New Year!

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