Third Time, Ice Cream

In America, third time may be the charm, but here in Israel the saying is, “pa’am shlishit, glida”, third time, ice cream! Well, in two weeks, Israelis will be headed to the polls for the third time in less than a year. And while candidates are probably not thinking about handing out ice cream to voters, Israel with Love wants to ensure that you enjoy delicious Israeli ice cream, gelato, or sorbet wherever you spend election day this year. So, here is our list of  some of our favorite spots.

1. The original Mousseline is tucked on a side street off of the Machaneh Yehuda Shouk (open-air market) at HaArmonim. Now there are branches in Talpiot, Beit HaKerem and near the government complex on HaNasi Street. Wherever you chose to indulge yourself, you’ll be glad you did. Of course, they have popular flavors like chocolate and vanilla, but the rich creamy ice cream includes exotic flavors including chai masala and saffron! And, for the lactose intolerant among you, you can still enjoy Mousseline treats in flavors like lemon mint, basil grapefruit and mango. You can learn more about Mousseline on their web site,

2. Who cares if the web site is only in Hebrew? The pictures alone on the Golda Gelato site will make your mouth water. Who else has salted pretzel or vegan Oreo mousse ice cream? Grab a cone in the Mamilla branch just outside Jerusalem’s Old City or while shopping on Ben Yehuda Street. Not in Jerusalem? No worries! With over 40 branches from Eilat in the south to Rosh Pina in the north, you’re only moments away from gelato heaven!

3. And, if you want co-existence in a cone, Israel has got just the spot for you. Alaa Sweetat and Adam Ziv recognized the universal appeal of ice cream when they first opened Buza Ice Cream in the Jewish-Arab municipality of Maalot-Tarshiha. And while the original is still selling scoops to people from every conceivable ethnic and cultural background, their newest branches on Bnei Ephraim Street and Hashmonaim Street in Tel Aviv are bringing joy to everyone visiting in the center of the country!

4. When you get off the trails in the Western Galilee, where can you cool off?  Head to La Goffre in Carmiel for waffles topped with homemade ice cream. How can you go wrong? You’ll have already burned off the calories!!

5. Our final pick is the Anita Ice Cream Shop on Shabazi Street 40 in the bucolic Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv. It’s usually packed, but if you get there early, you can sit and eat ice cream and enjoy such luscious flavors as mint chocolate chip.


Alaa Sweetat and Adam Ziv of Buza

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