The Great Return!

Great news for Israelis! National parks are starting to reopen! Israel with Love wanted to offer a suggestion for an often overlooked destination that is perfect for every member of the family. Apollonia National Park is a great option.
Phoeneicians, Romans, and Crusaders appreciated the strategic location of these cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean. They built fortresses and walls to protect incoming cargo from the north and west. But in addition to the ruins, the views are breathtaking. And the wildflowers greet you all along the way. An early morning stroll affords gentle breezes, the sounds of breaking waves and the joy of watching children running freely along the paved paths throughout the park.
That’s right. The paths are paved which makes it perfect for young families pushing strollers or other family members who appreciate enjoying nature while walking on a smooth surface. It’s also an ideal site for wheelchairs. While the park does not have many trees, the picnic tables near the entrance are delightfully shaded.

If you’re a bit more adventurous, there is a rocky dirt path leading you down to the sea, but if that doesn’t sound appealing, you can enjoy everything the park has to offer without exerting yourself.

Before you go, just remember these simple rules.
1. You MUST register for a specific time slot and pay online before you arrive You will get a confirmation of your reservation
2. You will have your temperature taken before you can enter
3. You must wear a mask.

Please remember that these rules are here to protect all of us!

The weather is gorgeous right now, so get out and enjoy!
For those of you who can’t visit, don’t worry. You can add Apollonia to your “wish list” for your future trip!

Israel with Love hopes that all of you and your families are healthy!

The Crusader Fortress
View of Netanya from the Cliffs of Apollonia
Israel with Love Cares about Your Safety
Fascinating Ruins
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