Sufganiyot: Thirty Million Strong!

Did you know that Israelis consumed almost 30 million sufganiyot last year during Chanukah?  Don’t you want to try just one? Well, to help you pick the right one for you, Israel with Love, as promised,  is updating you on some of the best places to enjoy sufganiyot while you’re in Israel this Chanukah. (All suggestions are kosher)

Since Judah Maccabee is the hero of the Chanukah story, we have to include Shemo’s Bakery.  Where is Shemo’s located? You guessed it, on Yehuda Maccabee Street in Tel Aviv.  Shemo’s also has branches in Haifa, so you can grab their traditional jelly-filled sufganioyot even if you’re heading north.

And, continuing in the Chanukah-themed street names, Lechamim Bakery  on Hashmonaim St in Tel Aviv. (Judah Maccabee was from the Hashmonaim dynasty) offers a great variety of sufganiyot.  If you have a hard time finding the bakery, just follow your nose.  

Kadosh in Jerusalem is always a favorite among the locals.  For over 50 years, the Kadosh bakery has been producing some of the lightest sufganiyot in town.  The variety if flavors is limited, but don’t let that stop you.  Located on Shlomotzion HaMalka Street, you can grab a few on you’re way to the Old City.  But get there early!  Jerusalemites weight all year for these Chanukah treats.

HaTzvi in Bnei Brak is another bakery that is famous for its commitment to tradition. If you’re looking for the perfect classic jelly and powdered sufganiya, enter “78 Kahneman Street Bnei Brak” in WAZE, and you won’t be disappointed.

OK, this list would not be complete without mentioning Roladin Bakeries. Truth be told, Israel with Love staff are traditionalists.  We love our simple jelly-filled sufganiyot.  But for the foodies out there, how can you resist a bakery (more than 50 scattered throughout the country) that has a separate menu just for sufganiyot.  Roladin is so popular that, during Chanukah, they often set up extra stalls in the shopping malls to accommodate the throngs of people waiting for such exotic offerings as mascarpone  or pistachio-cream filled.

Truth be told, during Chanukah, it’s hard to walk 10 meters without finding a sufganiya, so you’re never far from the sweet chewy powdery goodness of this holiday classic

So,  we hope you get to enjoy one of the 30,000,000 sufganiyot in Israel this year.  But, wherever you celebrate, Israel with Love wants to wish you a very happy Chanukah!

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