Something Sweet With Your Winter Tour? Try a Krembo!

Being a Tour Guide also includes Sweet Treats

A tour in Israel in the winter, sometimes you just feel like a sweet treat. Summertime in Israel is filled with ice cream and cold watermelon. But, how do you indulge your sweet tooth during the winter? Try a Krembo!

A Krembo is a decadent, sweet, sticky delight that’s only available in Israel during the winter. It’s a wonderful concoction of fluffy marshmallow cream, a round of tea biscuit, and a chocolate coating that gently cracks under your teeth. They’re craved openly by Israeli children, and secretly by their parents. Krembos are available at grocery stores and kiosks across the country. Although you may not brag to your foodie friends about having tried one, you’ll enjoy every bite, and may find yourself stopping for another. After all, what’s a great tour without a bit of indulgence?


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