Red, Red Wine: It’s Not Just for Reggae Lovers

We were in the mood for a little reggae music this morning. When the singer poured his heart out to the red wine by his side, it reminded us that Passover is quickly approaching. That means that it’s time for Israel with Love to update you on some exquisite wines that can be shipped right to your home whether you’re in New York or Jerusalem.
Today, we want to tell you about a delightful winery that you may not have heard of before; Tura Winery
Vered and Erez Ben Sa’adon founded Tura winery as a family-run estate-winery in the beautiful mountains of Samaria. We happen to be big fans of their cabernet sauvignon. While born in Jerusalem, Erez grew up in the Samarian Mountains. Vered’s family history stretches from hiding places in the Netherlands during WWII to Jerusalem to the terra rosa soil of her current home 700 meters above sea level. You can taste their love of the land in every drop whether its their fruity pinot noir or their light-bodied chardonnay.

Israel with Love looks forward to bringing you to the Tura’s Visitors Center on your next visit to Israel, but, in the meantime, you can order their wines just in time for Passover. In the States, you can order their wine at
In Israel, you can order from their online store at https://shop.turawinery/com/. Tura offers free delivery for over NIS499 to anywhere in Israel.
So, until next time, l’chaim (to life!)

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