Post Tour Refreshment: Israeli Craft Beer

After a long day of touring, nothing tastes quite as good as a nice cold beer. Gone are the days when your only choices were two local mass-market beers. The Israeli craft beer scene has truly come alive in the last several years. During the summer and fall, beer festivals large and small take place throughout the country. Local craft beers are increasingly available in restaurants and pubs. In addition, some brewers like Jem’s in Petach Tikva and Dancing Camel in Tel Aviv operate their own brew pubs featuring live music as well as their own beers. New craft beer venues, like Hatch in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market, pair great beer with delicious food. Many Israeli craft brewers offer local versions of such classic styles as stout, IPA and wheat beer. Some have incorporated such local ingredients as date, etrog, orange and rosemary in their brews. If you’re a beer lover, you are sure to find some new favorites among Israel’s unique offerings. If you notify me in advance, I’d be happy to make arrangements for brewery tours.

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