Outdoor Tour: In Search of Early Bloomers

Being a Tour Guide Amongst the Flowers

In a few weeks the wildflower season in Israel will begin in earnest and what a time to be working as a Tour Guide. Forests, fields and parks will explode with a beautiful array of colors and shapes. But what if you just can’t wait? Now is the time when the eager hiker can find early blooming wildflowers. These hidden treasures are worth the effort. These lovely bursts of color and delicate form are harbingers of the season to come. From North to South many varieties are waiting for you to discover them. Places to find them include the Carmel, Park Rabin and Yaar Horshim. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

IMG_20171109_123234TourGuide in IsraelTourGuide in IsraelTourGuide in Israel

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