My Exclusive Tours

With Israel with Love, you will receive your own exclusive itinerary! We want you to have the Israel experience that you have dreamed about! You will experience an Israel journey with memories to last a lifetime!

Israel with Love is always exploring old sites and new activities so that we can continue offering magical experiences for our clients.


The history of the Jewish people and the land of Israel goes back thousands of years. The archeology is everywhere we build or attempt to build.


Jerusalem one of the holiest cities in the world. It is venerated by Jews, Christian and Muslims, sacred to millions. It mixs the ancient to the modern, be it physical or spiritual.


The dead sea, the lowest point on the earth has a special mud, some would say that it has special healing properties. Israel has more to offer in terms of its wellness culture.


Visit the diverse Israeli eco-systems. From the Negev desert, the oasis of Ein-Gedi, to the greenery of the Galile and up to Mt. Hermon.


Israel with its wide mix of people and cultures from all over the world, each with their own food culture and what you have is a paradise for the Foodies of the world.

Please note these are just a few examples, we have a lot more options…

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