It’s Raining in Israel! Now What?

Like so much of the country, Israeli winter weather reports are unpredictable. Forecasts for sunshine are often replaced with predictions of heavy showers. While hiking along waterfalls can be magnificent in January, you don’t want to do it if the skies open up. But still, outdoor touring in Israel can be spectacular as long as you have “Plan B” in your pocket. Israel with Love has some suggestions for some great winter hikes along with nearby indoor activities in case.

Israel with Love recently toured in the North, and the waterfalls in Nachal Ayoun right now are actually visible from the highway! The sound of rushing water adds to the excitement of an already-beautiful lush winter trail. And, if your plans are cut short by an impending rain storm? No problem! Just travel five minutes to the ice skating rink at Metulla for a fun-filled skate around the ice. And, if the clouds clear, drive up the mountain to the Dado Lookout for breathtaking views of the Upper Galilee, the Hula Valley, the Golan Heights and southern Lebanon!

The Banias Waterfalls in the Upper Galilee as well as the nearby Snir Stream and Dan River are filled with clear, rushing sparking water. Hike along any of them and you will experience the enchantment of Israel’s national parks. And, better still, you are only moments from the Beit Ussishkin Nature Museum which describes the story of the draining of the Hula Valley swamps as well as the archaeology and geology of the area. Housed in a stone building from the 1950s, it offers a wonderful respite until the sun returns.

Located on the main road between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, Wadi Qelt will take you passed springs, pools and even an old monastery! And, it’s just a short drive to the Inn of the Good Samaritan where you can see ancient mosaics excavated throughout the land and then gorge yourself on a delicious meal (kosher) at the Canaanit Restaurant in nearby Kfar Adumim!

So, don’t let the raindrops slow you down.

Israel with Love looks forward to next week when we can offer you even more tips on delightful places to visit in Israel.

L’hitraot (see you soon)!

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