Israeli Dining: Casual Adventures

If you love falafel, Israel is still the best place to sink your teeth into the crispy fried balls of ground chickpeas stuffed in fresh pita accompanied with locally grown juicy tomatoes and cucumbers. But, if you’re looking for a dining experience that is still casual, still reflective of the country, but a bit more original, Israel with Love has some culinary adventures for you!

1. Nestled in a quiet corner bordering on the edge of Tel Aviv’s trendy Neve Tzedek neighborhood sits a quiet piece of paradise also known as Cafe Lorenz and Mintz (Kosher). This cafe, originally established by German Protestants and later transformed into a British pub, now serves Israeli fare with a Parisian Twist. The cafe also happens to be attached to a local synagogue with an unusual secret. Israel with Love can show you the building’s special hiding place on your next visit.
2. From the name of the restaurant alone, you know that you’re in for something special when you step into Goats with the Wind. Nestled in the Netofa Valley in the Galilee, this organic cheese farm offers an opportunity to dine on Turkish cushions and Persian rugs. The views of the surrounding Galilee mountains and gentle braying of goats makes this one of Israel’s most unusual dining experiences.
3. Don’t worry, carnivores, Israel has plenty of great choices for you, as well! It’s only Monday-Thursday nights, but BishiQ Brewery (Kosher) is nothing less than carnivore heaven. Located in the Ayalon Valley between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, this bistro offers a great combination of home-brewed beer and smoked meats that will leave you stuffed but wanting more.
Israel with Love looks forward to sharing more Israeli secrets with you

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