Israel with Love: Touring with a Big Heart

You know how good you feel after you’ve helped someone who really needs your help? Well, imagine feeling that good while on vacation!  Social touring in Israel is as old as the country itself, and today, Israel has over 45,000 registered non-profit organizations waiting for your assistance!  There are projects dedicated to help people across the social spectrum.  If you want to spend an hour, an afternoon or a day dedicated to improving the lives of others, Israel with Love tours will provide you with a tailor-made volunteer experience!  Below is just a sample of volunteer activities waiting for you on your Israel with Love adventure.


  1. Leket is Israel’s premier food rescue organizations. You can have a great time with your friends and family picking fruits and vegetables in various fields throughout the country.  It’s just like picking pumpkins in October or strawberries in the spring. But here, you don’t keep the fruit you pick.  You collect it in huge bins to ensure that no Israeli citizen goes to bed hungry.  So, which one of your family members can collect the most fruit in a two-hour period? Leket has welcomed tourists from across the globe.  Now, it’s your turn to help people in need and be a part of the fun!


  1. The Israel Guide Dog Center is a great place to tour and see the extensive training that goes into raising a seeing-eye dog.  Spending time helping the trainers is nothing short of inspirational! Come learn about their special CanVelo program where sighted-and visually impaired people go on tandem bike-trips to explore the beauty of Israeli bike trails from the Golan to Eilat!


  1. Yad Sarah lends medical devices to over 350,000 people a year. 109 branches throughout Israel provide citizens and tourists with free medical equipment from wheelchairs to crutches to oxygen tanks. Their Jerusalem headquarters is set up to welcome visitors from around the world.  Make an appointment to visit their state-of-the-art theater and see how Yad Sarah helps Israelis and tourists alike 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, if you want to participate in a workshop where you learn how to repair wheelchairs and other devices, Yad Sarah can make it happen.


  1. The Israel Tennis Center – Playing tennis is a mitzvah? It is when you combine it with volunteering.  Register to play tennis with Israeli youthLanguage barriers fade away when you’re lobbing balls over the net.  And since the Israel Tennis Center partners with schools throughout the country, you can also help by speaking English with students who are desperate to improve the language skills.  So, grab your racket and warm your heart in more ways than one.

Visit Israel; the land of miracles.  Tour the Land.  Volunteer your time. See that miracles are not just for the Bible.

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