Being a Guide During the Holidays

Tour Guide During the Holidays

“Oh! Tu B’Shvat!” I heard over and over as I visited booths at the CyberTech conference in Tel Aviv last week with my bags of goodies. Since the conference fell on Tu B’Shvat (Holiday of the Trees), I brought bags of homemade granola featuring fruits from Israel, my own twist on tradition. Israel seems to be sprouting more tech startups than orange trees these days, so I took the opportunity to meet with some of Israel’s innovators in the field of cybersecurity. In our increasingly interconnected, computerized world, cybersecurity will not only keep our medical and financial records safe but will help keep our cars on the road, our smartphones working and all sorts o

f infrastructure running.

I love showing my clients the beauty and culture of Israel. Perhaps you’d also like to see some of our amazing technology on your next tour. It’s inspiring! I’ll bring the granola.

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