Glamping – See Israel Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

People love return trips to Israel. Admit it, there’s so much to see that you can’t possibly pack it all into one trip! But what if your sleeping accommodations were as memorable as sand boarding in the Negev or jeeping through Galilee streams? Is it possible? Of course it is! Remember, you’re coming to a country where anything is possible. Glamorous camping, better known as “glamping”, offers a great opportunity to add a new dimension to your Israel adventure, whether this is your first trip here or your twentieth.
Before we continue, what is glamping? Glamping combines the best of nature and 21st century comforts. In Israel, it means sleeping in tents equipped with heat in winter and air conditioning in summer, comfortable beds with pillows and brightly-coloured rugs gracing the tent walls and floors. Barbecue pits just steps from the tent opening. Some even come with private chefs and personal butlers! Who knew there were butlers in Israel in the first place? You can glamp in the Judean Desert by night and explore the magic of Jerusalem by day. Or steer an ATV through the Golan Heights and then repair to heated tent and relax over some Turkish coffee brewed over an open fire. It’s a great option for a special family getaway or a great way to celebrate special occasions with a group of friends!
Below are two links listing some of Israel’s glamping locations, but these are just a sample. And, just so you know, some are even available by public transportation, which means that Israeli glamping can be convenient if you don’t have a car! – Glamping in the Judean Desert – Glamping options in from the Negev to the Golan Heights. In addition to tents, they also offer mud huts and Bedouin experiences with more creature comforts than a simple tent

Israel with Love has enjoyed glamping in the Judean Desert and can’t wait to share the excitement with you!

A tent with a chandelier in the Judean Desert

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