Family Time

Many are counting down the days until September 1st when school starts again. Having the children back in a routine reduces the stress. We don’t have to constantly worry about how to fill their days while fulfilling our work obligations. But, since children are sill enjoying summer holiday, why not join them in the fun? Israel with Love has a few tips for creating some wonderful family memories.

Spending a few days at the hotel in Kibbutz Malkiyah is a great, inexpensive option for a family getaway. Located in the Upper Galilee, it provides guests with beautiful green lawns that are perfect for impromptu family soccer games. There are plenty of places to barbecue your dinner, and the pool and kiddie pool offer a great respite from the summer heat. And, if you want to leave the kibbutz for some exploration, the options are endless. You’re just minutes away from the shady Baram forest and ancient synagogue, 30 minutes from a delightful outdoor dining experience at Dag al HaDan fish restaurant (with pasta options for the kids) and 20 minutes for an exciting game of paintball at Ayelet HaShachar.

It’s only a few weeks before everyone returns to their annual routines, so take some time to enjoy family fun while you can.

Israel with Love will be back next week with some more exciting touring options in Israel.

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