Customized Touring: Anything is Possible

Israel; the birthplace of the three great monotheistic religions.  Everyone wants to see where King David conquered Jerusalem, where Jesus walked on water, and where Muhammad ascended to heaven on his famous night journey.  Well, not quite everyone. Israel with Love recently received a request to design a trip to Israel with no religious content and with balanced political perspectives. Impossible?  Not at all!  Israel with Love stepped up and created a creative, customized itinerary that that accommodates the travelers’ requests and has them really excited about their trip.

So, how did we do it?  We remembered what really makes Israel unique.  Yes, the archaeology and religious sites are impressive, but it’s the people of Israel who really make the country sparkle.  So, over a 10-day tour, we’ll meet people from a variety of backgrounds.

We’ll visit a Muslim woman living in a village in the Judean Mountains and enjoy lunch in the home of a Christian Arab in Bethlehem. We’ll discuss border issues with a veteran kibbutznik living on the Israeli border with Syria and meet an artist whose Negev community has dedicated itself to sustainable living.  We’ll enjoy a wine tasting at Tulip, a unique winery near the Carmel Mountains. This boutique winery hires developmentally disabled people to help meet its staffing needs.  We’ll talk to professionals working in the Israeli start-up world to get a first-person perspective on how Israel earned the “Start-Up Nation” moniker.  Finally, we’ll meet Israeli soldiers on the Lebanese border to understand what it means to be 18-years-old and delay future plans for three years to serve your country and to serve it with pride.

And what about the nights? The culinary adventures will be never-ending!  Israel with Love will introduce them to Katy’s, a Moroccan restaurant in Jerusalem owned by a charming woman who hails from Morocco, a swanky Tel Aviv eatery owned by a chef who hires at-risk youth and the Goats with the Wind Cafe in the undulating Galilee mountains serving sumptuous organic cheeses with a spectacular view of the Beit Netofa Valley.

Israel with Love is passionate about Israel, and we’ll create an Israeli Tour for any and every taste. Special requirements? No problem!

Israel with Love wishes you a Happy Chanukah and looks forwarded to updating you on our adventures.

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