The Largest Sukkah in Israel

Of course, if you’re lucky to celebrate Sukkot in Israel, you’re going to want to visit Jerusalem. The vibrant city, filled with the aromas of zaatar, freshly baked rugelach and etrogim (citrons), will be brimming with tourists. After exploring the alleyways of the Old City, make your way back to Jaffa Gate, head to Jaffa […]

Touring in Israel Over the Sukkot Holiday – Feed the Birds

In just over a week, we will leave the creature comforts of our homes and dwell in temporary structures known as sukkot. While the holiday is a great opportunity to test new recipes and catch up with friends and family as the moonlight trickles through the palm fronds that serve as a makeshift ceiling, it’s […]

Israeli Dining: Casual Adventures

If you love falafel, Israel is still the best place to sink your teeth into the crispy fried balls of ground chickpeas stuffed in fresh pita accompanied with locally grown juicy tomatoes and cucumbers. But, if you’re looking for a dining experience that is still casual, still reflective of the country, but a bit more […]

Family Time

Many are counting down the days until September 1st when school starts again. Having the children back in a routine reduces the stress. We don’t have to constantly worry about how to fill their days while fulfilling our work obligations. But, since children are sill enjoying summer holiday, why not join them in the fun? […]

The Shouk: It’s Not Just in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv

Say the word, “shouk” (open-air market) and most people will naturally think of the world famous Machaneh Yehuda Shouk in Jerusalem or Shouk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv. Sweet aromas of freshly-baked rugelach, the tangy scent of zaatar meandering through the narrow passageways and the classically Middle-Eastern sound of stall-owners hawking their wares are a delightful […]

Tours with Inspiration from Unexpected Places

Just south of Haifa is a small community named Kerem Maharal. Inside this scenic community the Siman Tov family has created a unique nursery named Seeds from Zion.  But this nursery doesn’t just grow and sell plants; they rescue them! The Siman Tov family understands that if a country is to grow, infrastructure is key.  […]

Israel with Love: Touring with a Big Heart

You know how good you feel after you’ve helped someone who really needs your help? Well, imagine feeling that good while on vacation!  Social touring in Israel is as old as the country itself, and today, Israel has over 45,000 registered non-profit organizations waiting for your assistance!  There are projects dedicated to help people across […]

Winter Tours in Israel… So Much to Do!

Late December; schools are closed, and office work comes to a halt.  It’s a great time to tour in Israel!  The weather is unpredictable, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a phenomenal Israeli experience.  So, how do you travel throughout Israel in the winter when the clouds roll in and the mercury drops?  Israel […]

Customized Touring: Anything is Possible

Israel; the birthplace of the three great monotheistic religions.  Everyone wants to see where King David conquered Jerusalem, where Jesus walked on water, and where Muhammad ascended to heaven on his famous night journey.  Well, not quite everyone. Israel with Love recently received a request to design a trip to Israel with no religious content […]

Tour Guiding in Israel; It’s for the Birds

Touring in Israel in November is a great time of year.  Hotels are not expensive, sites are not so crowded, and the temperatures are in the 60s and 70s!  Sound perfect?  Well, you’re right.  It is, especially if you’re a bird or a bird-lover. Did you know that Israel sees 500,000,000 birds passing through every […]