Glamping – See Israel Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

People love return trips to Israel. Admit it, there’s so much to see that you can’t possibly pack it all into one trip! But what if your sleeping accommodations were as memorable as sand boarding in the Negev or jeeping through Galilee streams? Is it possible? Of course it is! Remember, you’re coming to a […]

Seeing Red in Israel

Let the countdown begin! Israel with Love is thrilled to announce that in just 10 days, Israel’s famous Darom Adom (the Red South) Festival opens for the season. The annual event boasts hikes, bicycle rides, children’s shows and, of course, the blooming red anemones and poppies that give this eagerly-awaited festival its name. We’re so […]

It’s Raining in Israel! Now What?

Like so much of the country, Israeli winter weather reports are unpredictable. Forecasts for sunshine are often replaced with predictions of heavy showers. While hiking along waterfalls can be magnificent in January, you don’t want to do it if the skies open up. But still, outdoor touring in Israel can be spectacular as long as […]

Sufganiyot: Thirty Million Strong!

Did you know that Israelis consumed almost 30 million sufganiyot last year during Chanukah?  Don’t you want to try just one? Well, to help you pick the right one for you, Israel with Love, as promised,  is updating you on some of the best places to enjoy sufganiyot while you’re in Israel this Chanukah. (All […]

Chanukah in Israel: Where the Holiday Comes in with a Torch

Chanukah is less than two weeks away, and it’s time to think about how you will spend your holiday. If you’re lucky enough to celebrate Chanukah in Israel this year, you are guaranteed a week full of good greasy fun. Hey, the whole miracle centers around oil so save the dieting for January! Israel with […]

Workshops in Israel: From Rocks to Rock Candy

Israel with Love loves the opportunity to meet Israeli citizens across the country. It’s so fun to hear about the daily lives of people who live in a different part of the world, especially when that part of the world is in the Middle East. One of the most fun ways to meet people is […]

Israel Loves its Coffee!

In recent years, Israel has transformed itself into a gastronomic paradise. Israel with Love has written before about the restaurants large and small that attract foodies from across the globe. But we haven’t written about Israel’s java love-affair.  Well, that omission ends now. Whether its Turkish, Americano, hafuch (don’t worry, we’ll explain later) or Israel’s […]

The Largest Sukkah in Israel

Of course, if you’re lucky to celebrate Sukkot in Israel, you’re going to want to visit Jerusalem. The vibrant city, filled with the aromas of zaatar, freshly baked rugelach and etrogim (citrons), will be brimming with tourists. After exploring the alleyways of the Old City, make your way back to Jaffa Gate, head to Jaffa […]

Touring in Israel Over the Sukkot Holiday – Feed the Birds

In just over a week, we will leave the creature comforts of our homes and dwell in temporary structures known as sukkot. While the holiday is a great opportunity to test new recipes and catch up with friends and family as the moonlight trickles through the palm fronds that serve as a makeshift ceiling, it’s […]

Israeli Dining: Casual Adventures

If you love falafel, Israel is still the best place to sink your teeth into the crispy fried balls of ground chickpeas stuffed in fresh pita accompanied with locally grown juicy tomatoes and cucumbers. But, if you’re looking for a dining experience that is still casual, still reflective of the country, but a bit more […]